Our Story.

We are a mobile developement company.

Emmbi Mobile's creative team is dedicated to elevating your brand by leveraging purpose, strategy, technology, and mobile development. Every client is different, every customer is unique and every brand requires a different strategy to promote his or her products and services. To remain competitive, we go to great lengths to find the best methods, techniques, and solutions for your specific goals.


Our first step is to engage with the client and discuss ideas and goals you have for your venture.


Our second step is to evaluate the client's needs thoroughly and discuss high level solutions.


Our third step we go into design production and give you examples of your end product.


Our fouth step we go into full development and provide you the best solution possible.

We provide the best digital solutions

Mobile App Development

Our agency will support your app from conceptualization to launch. We create beautiful apps with intuitive user interfaces that help brands stand out on multiple platforms.

Web Design

Responsive website design and development for desktops, tablets, mobile devices and beyond.


Services include print ad design, logo development, corporate identity and much more.


The engine behind most sophisticated web applications is its database. Here we share our approach to engineering database-driven web applications.

User Acquisition

A great way to build a user base is to create a viral loop around something related and interesting that leads the visitor to check out your product and then share it with their friends.


Monetization can be from affiliate programs, electronic commerce, premium content, advertising or any form of revenue generation.

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